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muahahahahahahhaahah [02.05.07]
[ mood | excited ]

i'm going to play with this till i go crazy.
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let's see [29.04.07]
[ mood | groggy ]

over the past two weeks :

missed a whole week of school lessons because we were in the SAC room preparing for the debate competition.

had a rough time dealing with the boyfriend's crying and complaints 5 times a day.

lost the competition during the final round. but the judges told me personally that they thought my performance was "very good". yeah but i wasn't awarded best speaker, bitches!

finally came to terms with the boyfriend.

broke up with my now ex-boyfriend.
scratch that. we're officially turning into rachel and ross. back to square one, baby.

wow. i'm totally enjoying the view here on cloud 9. NOOOOOTTTTTTT.

in order to keep myself mentally stable and content with life, i forked out a month's allowance and got myself the canon lens i wanted. whoever said money can't buy happiness? come here and i'll smash your head with a hammer.

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i didn't expect this [15.04.07]

but it did turn out to be a vacation after all.
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wow [14.04.07]
[ mood | crushed ]

i've never been this dissapointed since... when i was 12 and i got only 4 As for UPSR.
and that's a very long time ago.

off to port dickson for a "vacation".

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uuh uuh uuh [10.04.07]
[ mood | sore ]

yuck. throat infection caused by my chronic sinus.
the base of my throat [center between the collarbone] is swollen.
it makes me weak and i can't talk so much.


as i've been supah supah busy recently, i haven't had the time to take as many pictures as i'd like to. still, i've been thinking on what to shop for once i sell off my olympus e-300 to adam. there's been a lot of pressure deciding between the 50mm f/1.8 and the f/1.4 USM. if i buy the f/1.8 i'd still have enough to splurge on canon's speedlight. although i'm still contemplating on how much do i really need a flash and the risk of breaking the f/1.8 lens as it's so flimsy. decisions, decisions.

i'm also deciding whether i should enter debate or not. there will only be 4 schools competing this year, so we actually have a high chance of winning. but with my state of health and packed schedule, i'm not sure if i have the ass to actually prepare myself for the competition [i would not be the 3rd speaker anymore, so i can't just sit down and listen. aiya!].

i'm craving for some of my mummy's chicken soup.
she's only been away for a day and i'm already missing her presence in this house.

a perfect mess. [05.04.07]
[ mood | sick ]

who needs rebonding, anyway?

kidding, kidding. i wish i could straighten my hair. using flat irons every morning is really biting my arse hard.

i've been uber busy with school and schoolwork. club meetings have been really gay, so i'm planning to be one of the people in charge for the talent show this year [urgh we're having another one] but i won't be judging this time, i have enough problems in my life already. the ice breaking session was excruciatingly painful. i had to meet all my juniors who speak with an accent and claim that they "hate the malay language but love english with a passion". excellent. if i were a bitch, i'd dare them to talk without the suffix '-lah'. ha. mampus kau.

i haven't met adam for weeks now. i miss him too much that i drew a portrait of him in my book by looking at his picture in my phone. i haven't picked up a pencil for the purpose of drawing in years but surprisingly, it looks a lot like him.

moreover, i think it's good that i prepare myself a bit before i start my art classes.

still have maths to do.
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